The AMEIRA range

AMEIRA by DAB: the state of the art of submersible pumps

From the combination of the old CS4 and S4 pumps is now available: the AMEIRA range, a complete series of S4 pumps designed and developed by DAB. All the pumps have a value of MEI ≥0,4.


AMEIRA: 63 different combinations, one for every need!

The S4 pumps have a flow rate from 0,6 m3/h to 21,6 m3/h. There are 63 hydraulic parts and 4 different motors.

All MEI Range
MEI value of ≥ 0,4

Behind the Ameira name an extraordinary value.

AMEIRA by DAB is the first line of submersible pumps where all the models have a MEI index of ≥ 0,4. It is the result of constant research to increase the energy efficiency.

Ameira 100% built-in-home
Different options available

Optimised hydraulics for motors made in DAB: 100% reliability

The AMEIRA range is available in many different configurations:

  • Pump body only
  • Pump body with water-filled motor
  • Pump body with oil-filled motor
  • Kit with pump body, motor, control box, power cable and cord in different lengths

High reliability

Built with high quality materials

Strength, durability and reliability. The AMEIRA range is design and built by DAB with these characteristics in mind.

  • Shaving rings and supports in stainless steel
  • Support for sand up to 150 g/m3
  • Integrated filter
  • ACS drinkable water certificate achieved. WRAS and DM174 certificates are pending approval

A range with performance as standard

The S4 are multi-impeller (up to 67 stage with a water-filled or oil-filled DAB motor)

A new ally for your installation

Thanks to the wide choice of performance levels and configurations the Ameira S4 borehole pumps pumps offer every solution for problems of:
Water pressurization, Withdrawal from underground, Collection of water, Gardening, Irrigation, Water handling


AMEIRA: specialized in adaptability

The Ameira range has been designed and produced to offer performance, reliability and energy saving in every situation: For


The evolutionary numbers

Thanks to the DAB Pumps heritage, the AMEIRA range has been created with improved performance and technical features, even compared to the old S4 range.

Head up to 427 m 320 m
Maximum amount of sand 150 g/m3 120 g/m3 per S4A, S4B, S4C, S4D
300 g/m3 per S4E, S4F
Certifications ACS certificate. WRAS and DM174 certificate are pending approval. ACS certificate

Technical characteristics

Flexible, powerful and reliable. The AMEIRA range is born with the highest level of features. Designed and constructed to transform excellence into the standard.

DAB Ameira

Technopolymer impellers

Techno polymer impellers designed to ensure high levels of efficiency in accordance with Directive 2009/125/EC (Eco design - ErP) with MEI index ≥ 0.4 for the whole range.

Certified quality

Removable built-in non-return valve in techno polymer or with stainless steel plate (depending on the model). ACS certificate achieved, WRAS and DM174 certificate are pending approval.

Stainless reliability

Pump liner, shaft, coupling with motor, integrated suction filter and cable guard are in stainless steel. Suction and delivery support in micro-cast AISI 304 stainless steel.
In case of replacement


Thanks to the infinite possibility of customization and the standard construction accessories, Ameira is the ideal borehole pump for replacement on existing installations. Also of other brands.

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